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Marion’s Christmas Practice, an arrangement with a ring.

Tuesday night (11.12.2018) was the annual practice night, this year lead by our own Marion Stokes.

It was a convivial and highly productive evening which showcased the talent of the club’s members.

Two simple but very effective arrangements were demonstrated which allowed for individual flair to blossom in the creations which ensued.

We were all delighted with our masterpieces.

All that Glitters, Lee Berrill, Open Demonstration, November 2018

Please follow the link to read the account of the Open Demonstration at the Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton.

Open Demonstration, November 2018

‘The Power of the Flower’ by Pauline Foster, October 2018

October’s Flower Club demonstration was ‘The Power of the Flower.’


For a full review of the demonstration, please follow the link below.

The Power of the Flower by Pauline Foster bfc oct2018

Rachel Poole, ‘Forage, Weave, Create’…..25th September, 2018


An evening of professional skill and comic banter, what more could you ask for!


Read the full article by clicking on the link below.

Rachel Poole, Forage, Weave, Create, Breaston Flower Circle

Open Garden in Sawley, August 28th, 2018

A very pleasant evening was spent in Plant Lane, Sawley, wandering round this small but very full garden. Vibrant colour filled every nook and cranny, something quite remarkable considering the heat of the summer! There were many hidden gems.

Jonathan Moseley, Grow, Cut Arrange

Breaston Flower Circle open dem July 27th 2018

‘Variation on a Theme’ by Judi Cripps, April demonstration

bfc Judi Cripps demonstration april 2018

Click on the link to read the full report of the evening.

Inspiration by Pat Billing, April 14th 2018

Today’s Members’ Workshop by Pat Billing was a joy, sun inside the venue as well as outside!

A horizontal design on an urn was followed by a tall vertical arrangement, displaying the grandeur of  roses, gerbera and chrysanthemum alongside cork screw willow, fatsia, begonia and other garden foliage.

Each creation was beautiful and unique and we learned a lot!

What a lovely way to spend the day.

‘Team work’ March 2018

One of the benefits of club membership is the opportunity not only to develop individual knowledge and skills but also to learn from others in a group situation.
Nowhere was this more evident than on our social evening held during March.

Coming hot on the heels of a highly professional demonstration in February by our own Marion Stokes, the evening was a hard act to follow. As it happened however, it proved to be a highly successful and enjoyable evening.
The atmosphere was convivial with much fun and laughter amidst the banter. Members worked together to arrange pink and yellow gerbera on a bed of yellow and green foliage and twigs to create a stunning elongated design which was subsequently used as an Easter decoration in Breaston Methodist Church.

A first class example of team work at its best.



‘Pick and Mix’ by Marion Stokes, 27.02.2018


Snow was all around us outside but inside the Methodist Hall in Breaston, we were warm and cosy as we watched a highly amusing and entertaining demonstration by one of our own members, Marion Stokes. Seen more often in her usual place stocking and running the sales table, Marion was in the front of house, letting her imagination fly with her demonstration ‘Pick and Mix.’
As the title suggests, her arrangements depicted much loved childhood sweets and were just as delightful.

Firstly, asymmetrical designs on a simple yet effective mesh structure showcased deep red Roses and Gerberas. Midelino sticks shaped into hearts set the scene for a packet of ‘Love Hearts.’

And then onto something different. A three tiered ‘cake’ was made from ribboned tin cans which were used to house delicate pinks, whites and creams of Lisianthus, Spray Carnations and Roses. What other title could this arrangement have other than ‘Dolly Mixtures!’

A more modern arrangement followed in a tall glass container with soft tones of cream, lemon and the deeper yellow colour of citrus fruit. Alstroemeria were grouped together with Spray Chrysanthemeum and pale green Anthurium to create that mouth watering, tangy sensation of the fizz of Sherbert Lemons. Steel Grass curled and shaped through the design providing a different look by introducing movement and enclosed space.

Marion’s mantra of ‘Never throwing anything away’ was displayed in an ingenious use of fir cones set amongst the mesh of an old hanging basket to create her next container. It was the base for a variety of orange Roses, Tulips and Carnations to create a delicious almost too good to eat orange and cream chocolate.

And the novelty of Marion’s imagination continued to the last-white painted boxes of twigs and leaves sprayed in black were randomly set amongst a variety of white Anastasia, Star of Bethlehem and Stocks, many carefully chosen because of their black centres to evoke the taste of licorice.

Marion’s sunny disposition and sense of humour shone throughout the evening. There was much laughter at her hilarious tales particularly in the use of her microwave! Which is not to be tried at home!
We thoroughly enjoyed the banter as much as watching the skilful flower arranging. The round of warm applause at the end was heartfelt and appreciative of the amount of preparation for the evening’s demonstration.

Marion certainly made the evening special.

Well done her!